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"Happy Clients"



Dear Frankie,

Thanks for bringing That’s Italian to the McCallum Theatre.  The show sold beyond our expectations and the audience response has been outstanding.  The audience left the auditorium thoroughly entertained. 

This unique combination of artists makes it work.  Julie LaRosa still delivers a song as well as anyone in the business.  Pete Barbutti is perfect as the comic relief for the evening, Dick Contino got a standing ovation halfway through his set and your singing brought a true “Sinatra” touch to the show.

The audience enjoyed the singing, humor and camaraderie which showed how much fun you were all having on stage.

Mitch Gershenfeld

Director of Presentations and Theater Operations at The McCallum


December 8, 2006


Larry Spellman

1740 Camino Parocella

Palm Springs, CA  92264


Dear Larry


The presence of “That’s Italian” on the Centre East stage was truly a winner!  There is no substitute for talent, and the amazing show starring Pete Barbutti, Dick Contino, Julius LaRosa and Frankie Randall is as good as it gets.  Vincent Falcone deserves the accolades he has received nationally. 


I loved working with this entire cast of true professionals and there was no request refused in an effort to promote the show on T.V., radio or newspaper interviews.


By the last performance we were family and their sparking performance still has us smiling weeks after the curtain closed.


Good luck on this wonderful show.


Phyllis Cowen

Executive Director

Centre East, Inc.



Hello, Frankie:
Hooray!  I received my CDs today.  You can't imagine how quickly I wanted to listen to them.  We started listening to them when we sat down to supper.  We both thoroughly enjoyed them and listened to them until they were finished, long after we finished eating.  Our Bose system really brings out all the sounds.  My husband asked me if I had your telephone number and I told him 'no-that your call came in restricted.'  He was going to call you that minute. 
We loved hearing the difference in the two recordings.  We listened to the 'Then & Now' first and then the 'Right Now.'  We knew all the songs on the 'Right Now' and have to admit that on the 'Then & Now' there were a few that we hadn't heard before.  But that's not to say that they weren't good because they were.  We just weren't familiar with them.  We heard some Frank Sinatra recordings the other day that we had never heard before.  We have 'Dish' satellite and they now have Sinatra sirrius.  We listen to that quite a bit. 
I looked at my Dean Martin DVDs and they are called 'The Best of the Dean Martin Variety Show.'  There are 11 different ones.  The names of the performers in that show are listed on the front of the cover, but unless they don't list all of them, your name wasn't there.  I was hoping that I could have found a performance by you.  It would have be fun to see what you looked like then.  We enjoyed the picture that you sent of you and Dean.  You must have been about 20 years old.  Such a good looking fellow!
We are driving out to our daughter's, who lives near Des Moines, Iowa, tomorrow and will be listening to Frankie Randall in concert all the way.  This isn't Cyd's mother, but our other daughter.  I want to have Cyd listen to you as she is really good at knowing who is a good singer.  It always impresses me when she listens to someone and she knows right away even if they are off a little bit.  You should hear her when it comes to American Idol.
I want to order the album "Here and Now.'  Should I go through PayPal again?  Is that easier for you?
I sincerely am grateful for all your help in getting my CDs here so fast.  Even the mail delivery was quick.  I am really impressed that you took the time to call me and do all that you did. 
Thank you so much for writing back to me also. 
I am your new fan,



Dear Mr. Randall,
I am the lady you talked to on the phone last week. Just wanted you to know that I received my CD and that I am just overjoyed. My husband and I have listened to it every night since we got it, it brings back so many memories for us. My husband said that he had forgotten how many great songs there were on it in addition to our favorites. Thanks again, look forward to seeing you in 08 when you perform in Palm Springs again.
Mary Jane Cleveland
Also wanted to tell you how much your phone call meant to me. My husband just couldn't believe that you took the time personally call me. We are your biggest fans. May you have the Merriest of Christmas's and a very prosperous and Happy New Year.